2023 - We caught the travel bug again. Speaking about bugs: Our big trip was almost spoiled by Nechol's first time getting COVID ( 2 weeks prior to departure).  Crazy, right.  

We went to Tampa and Ana Maria Island in February.  Busch Gardens was a lot of fun.  Spring Break was the Halcyon Star Cruiser.  I am not sure which one of us loved it more.  The summer was London, Paris, Giverny, Bayeux and the Normandy coast.  This fall, we went west to Colorado Springs.  The aspens were turning, there was snow on Pike's Peak, and we zip-lined around the Seven Falls area.  

Isabella is 5 yrs old and did some agility training with Jackson.  She continues to keep everyone on her schedule.  Up at 6 am. Walk with Jeff at 10:30. Nap until dinner. The stare down at 9 pm. (She does not bark or sit at the door to go out.)