Jeff "won" a 15 yr Pappy Van Winkle.  He entered his name in 9 different Krogers.  This is his 2nd win in the Kroger's Pappy's lottery.  

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Isabella is a sassy 5 yo cockapoo that drinks out of the bathroom sink. She inspects the house, makes sure the squirrels and chipmunks are outside our perimeter, and makes a cute Snow White. Poo, as she is lovingly called for a whole host of reasons, rules this roost.  She lights up our days and snuggles our nights.   

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Big Trip

Jan 2023 - Nechol to Jeff, "I want to turn 50 in Paris."  Jeff "I will make it happen.  You go do more colonoscopies"

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Jackson joined the Dark Side.   He was Lt. Croy's go to for plots against the rebels. He rocked the red carpet in this dapper outfit.

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Jan 2023 Nechol was charged with being Chair of the Robotic Committee at Baptist Health Louisville.  In the spring, I organized a photo shot with the robotics surgeons with the Da Vinci Robot.  Being the chair, I took the opportunity to do a couple of different tries for a good picture.  One with the curls and one with straight hair. Last week, I completed my 300th robotic colon case. 

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Spring Break -Halcyon Star Cruiser

Our Star Wars dreams came true.  We emersed ourselves into lightsaber training, missions with Rey and Lt Croy, and paraded down the red carpet. We enjoyed the Bright suns and rising moons. "til the Spires.